Korean railways and railway research 

Towards the end of our trip through Asia, Parham and I had the great opportunity to visit a Korail depot for Heavy Maintenance of KTX high speed trains. Very impressive work was going on there, the lifecycle behaviour of the components differs quite a bit from Europe.

In the afternoon we gave a talk on PHM for railways form both US and European perspective to Scientists and Students at the Korean Aerospace University following an invitation from Professor Choi. 

Condition Based Maintenance and the Connected Wagon

Today I had the honor to present Parhams, Manfreds and my paper on how to apply Condition Based Maintenance in an economic fashion. Especially in our highly competitive railway environment, it is vital to think of the business case from the very beginning – just as we did in the concept of Wagon 4.0.

The current developments in Big Data and Machine Learning will provide exciting opportunities to improve the quality of service, the safety and the performance in freight rail – and perhaps the easiest way to abolish freight rail is not to make full use of these!

The slides and the paper are available for download – I look forward for your comments.