Brake Friction 2017 – Friction Enhancer Modelling

Following my presentation on digitisation of freight rail, Katharina presented our work together with Nowe to come up with a model of friction enhancer behaviour and effects. The work shows her novel approach to strip theory that can calculate the adhesion area considering friction enhancers very efficiently.

The work now needs to be carried further calibrating and validating the model.

Brake Friction 2017

Another year passed. The second annual brake friction conference, once again in Derby and I have the opportunity to present a part of my work on automation of (legacy) brake systems. This may help to get automated and autonomous trains on track soon.

In the picture, you see a Cascade Classifier trained to detect brake equipment on the wagon side. As you can guess, plenty of data is required to train such AIs – which are not collected in the railway sector currently. For all those interested in the slides, download them here.